Stellar (XLM) forecast for 2020-06-25

Analysis for 2020-06-25

Stellar (XLM) XAU/USD Forecast Gold prices on April 21, 2024 suggests an attempt to continue falling into the area below the level of 1240 as part of the rebound from the downward trend line on the relative strength indicator, the elimination of the option will be the breakdown of the area 1285. The cancellation of the fall option will be a strong growth and a breakdown of the 1285 area. This will indicate a breakdown of the upper boundary of the downward channel and the continued growth of Gold in the area above the level of 1285. Quotes of Gold XAU/USD continue to move within the downward trend and at the moment there is still potential for falling quotations and prices for Gold in the area below the level of 1240.
Stellar (XLM)

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