OKEx Utility (OKB) forecast for 2020-06-26

Analysis for 2020-06-26

OKEx Utility (OKB) The purpose of the fall of quotations of the stock index NIKKEI 225 is the area on the level below 17500. Cancellation option will be a strong growth stock index quotes above the upper boundary of the model triangle with the most area 17800. Forecast NIKKEI 225 on February 6, 2024 — February 10, 2024 Quotes stock index NIKKEI 225 trading at 18303. Quotes are testing the upper limit of the downward channel, where we can expect the beginning of growth within the mining bovine model 5-0. With the breakdown of area 18 months, expect to accelerate the growth of quotations NIKKEI 225.
OKEx Utility (OKB)

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